Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Truman's Sight

We got some bad news yesterday at the veterinarian. Truman is not a viable candidate for the eye surgery because the retina is detached in the eye we thought we could restore. This is very common in canine diabetes. So having a blind dog has become our new normal rather than a temporary situation.
The upside is that he is a happy and healthy dog otherwise. While Tom and I are disappointed, Truman is taking it in stride. In fact he just wandered into the office while I am typing this and flopped down beside me. He loves his Mama.
We are going to try to think of ways to expand his world outside of the house and yard so he will feel safe in unfamiliar situations. He used to love to go to this park but I have been worried about taking him since the blindness set in. It's probably more my anxiety about the situation than his. I am hitting the web to do some research and will update the blog about his progress.


  1. I read somewhere something about "dogs live in a brilliant present". No doubt Truman is a happy boy, just knowing that Mama and Daddy love him. (BTW, I know you're Mama, but what's Tom?)

    But it's hard.

    I used to walk the dogs regularly and Penny lived for those walks. Now that she's hurt her back there are no more walks. Not sure where to go from here. I tried taking her out in the stroller and she tried and tried to jump out, then barked non-stop all the way to the church so I had to give up and come home.

    A backpack? To be continued.

  2. Tom is Daddy of course! Truman does recognize our names as such because you can say "Go see Mama" or "Go see Daddy" and he will come find either of us wherever we are in the house.