Saturday, February 21, 2009

Remembering Winston Gunther

Winston Gunther
June 11, 1997 - March 27, 2006

 " who possessed beauty without vanity,
Strength without insolence,
Courage without ferocity,
And all the virtues of Man without his vices.
This praise, which would be unmeaning flattery
If inscribed over human ashes,
Is but a just tribute to the memory of" Winston

(Excerpt from Lord Byron's "Inscription on a Monument to a Newfoundland Dog")

I remember one Christmas thinking of gifts for all of you and it came to mind to not do separate gifts but do a family gift so I sent a check to your mom to decide what that might be. And presto! Winston appeared! Your mom and dad as well as all of you received years of love and enjoyment with Winston. A great dog is always a very special companion during those growing-up years. Guess Winston knew his job was near a close and passed along, leaving trails of love and fun behind him. So, celebrate his life with all of you and know our pets continue to be loved and cared for even though we do not understand how that can be. Much love to all, --Grandma Elizabeth

Whenever I visited home, Winston greeted me as if I had never left. He secured a place for me in that home even when I didn't physically live there and that made coming home all the more enjoyable.--To not only see my dear family and feel love from them, but to also have this little dog jumping up and down and making a big to-do, as if I was the highlight of his life. – Andy

Winston was like a big brother to me. I especially miss how he would let me beat up on him.
– Penny Gunther

Winston reminded me of myself in many ways. We shared the same moodiness, introversion, distrust of strangers and attachment to family members.

We also knew how to clown around once in awhile. – Joe

Goodbye, Winston. We'll miss you.

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