Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Truman a.k.a. Trubadoo

Truman shown in a rare casual moment at the beach in Florida. Note the horrendous nautical decorating style in the condo. It was like a surf shop from the 80's threw up in there.


  1. Now you're hoggin' the Dog Blog! JK

  2. You should consider starting a home decorating blog. I noticed you could not help but comment about the decor in both Alice & Truman's pictures.

    I just think it's in you, struggling to come out. Set it free! LOL

    Actually, that might not be a bad idea. We could post old pictures of the inside of our houses and comment on different items. We could also show the progress of our own homes. For example, your house has gone through some major changes and now you're moving into an Asian style. I'm interested to see the progress. I'll do it too! Truthfully, we're always evolving.

    We have to think of a cool name.

    Uh oh, does this mean we have to clean house?