Saturday, May 30, 2009

Health Scare

We had a scare with Truman yesterday. He had diarrhea for a couple days so Tom took him in to the vet. With a diabetic dog you can never be too careful. When Dr. Mike was examining him, he said he felt a mass in his stomach and would have to x-ray him to check it out. The large dog x-ray machine was busy so he told Tom to leave him and come back in an hour. So Tom called me to let me know what was said and then went to lunch and ran errands for an hour. When he got back, after the hour that felt like a whole day, Dr. Mike greeted him and said it was good news. It turns out that the "mass" was actually Truman's bladder. Dr. Mike said that in his entire career he had never seen a bladder as big as Truman's, even on dogs twice his size. Ha! Of course we get a dog with the largest pee sack on record! So anyway, they gave him a shot and some pills to get him over the tummy bug and all is well.

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